Quantum Technologies with Ultra-Cold Atoms

COST Action CA16221

AtomQT aims at putting Europe in the pole position in the race towards the Second Quantum Revolution. AtomQT’s mission is the creation of a large network of expert groups on cold-atom quantum physics that will act as a catalyst in the rapid development and commercialization of quantum technology based on ultra-cold atoms and Bose-Einstein condensates.

The vision is to establish Europe as the leader both in fundamental research as well as real-world commercial products that will harness the unique quantum mechanical features of cold atomic ensembles. This will lead to groundbreaking advances in amongst others metrology, cryptography, communications and computations, biology, and geology. AtomQT will contribute to this development by providing a crucial platform for information exchange and coordination of research. It will also be the catalyst for the fledgling quantum industry.

A further priority of the AtomQT network will be outreach. The education of the general public and the information provided to policy and decision makers and (inter)national regulatory bodies will facilitate considerably the progress of the second quantum revolution and ensure its long term viability.