Open postdoc position in Bordeaux cold atom group

The research group Cold Atoms in Bordeaux is searching for a postdoctoral researcher for their project Atom Interferometry for Space Applications.

The research topic is related to quantum gases in microgravity and precision measurements. The first part of the project addresses bubble-shaped quantum gas (3-D spherical shell confinement), both on the theoretical aspect of the trapping and imaging and the experimental aspect. The project relies on the new quantum gas in microgravity experiment, which will also address tests of gravity radiometry measurement with ultra-cold atoms in microgravity.

The ideal candidate should have a PhD degree in physics, a background in
experimental atomic physics, quantum gases or atom interferometry. The first part of the work will consist in modelling the new experiment to produce a bubble-shaped trap for ultracold atoms. The study will include a complete characterization of the method, including the loading in the trap, the atom losses, the heating rate, and the nature of the cold atom gas itself as a function of the temperature and the atom-atom interactions. Additionally, the microscopic and macroscopic theory of the ultracold atom gas in the bubble-shaped trap will be studied in collaboration with condensed matter physics or fluid mechanics theory groups in Bordeaux. The second part of the work will consist of implementing the experiment.

For further information, please contact Baptiste Battelier or Philippe Bouyer.