AtomQT meetings and workshops

29th – 30th August, 2019
AtomQT meeting during the VII International School and Conference on Photonics – PHOTONICA 2019, Belgrade

22nd – 23rd July, 2019
AtomQT workshop on Atomic Experiments for Dark Matter and Gravity Exploration, CERN

25th – 27th February, 2019
AtomQT workshop on Terrestrial infrasound gravitational wave detection with atom interferometry, Hanover

18th – 20th February, 2019
AtomQT workshop during the EQTC 2019, Grenoble

18th – 20th September, 2018
AtomQT meeting during FOMO conference, Crete

16th – 18th April, 2018
AtomQT “Quo Vadis?” meeting, Crete

29th November 2017
Kick-off meeting, Brussels