WG1 Break-Through Technologies

Objectives: Facilitating the advance of novel atom-quantum-technologies by fostering closer European collaboration between the main players and the numerous upcoming groups, especially in the ITCs and NNCs.


  1. Identify the key technologies in need of dissemination amongst the partners and beyond.
  2. Identification of potential breakthrough areas.
  3. Organize targeted meetings.
  4. Facilitate and promote exchanges especially of ECIs.


  • Compose a report on (1) and (2) within the first ten months.
  • Develop a strategy to disseminate the technologies identified in (1) and create in consultation with all major players a roadmap for (2).
  • Organize at least one major conference per year whilst searching for synergies with existing structures.


  • The identification on (1) and (2).

Major Deliverables:

  • The report on (Task 1),
  • The roadmap towards future quantum technologies (Task 2) in year 2,
  • Four major conferences; four workshops, and three summer schools.