WG3 Quantum Physics and Society

This working group will focus on the relation between society and academia with respect to atom quantum physics and technology.


  • Interfacing with policy makers.
  • Provide an outreach platform beyond the standard opening days.
  • Develop a best practice guide for outreach.
  • Interact directly with decision makers at the highest level – both nationally and internationally.
  • Address the geographic disequilibrium in quantum-high technology.


  • Seeking actively to influence policy on quantum-high-tech in Europe and nationally through reports
    and direct contact with decision makers.
  • Directly attack the gender imbalance in the sciences at an early stage of education.

Milestones: Establishment of lasting direct contacts to decision makers.

Major Deliverables:

  • Organisation of and contribution to at least eight outreach events.
  • International outreach and vulgarisation of key research results from the network.
  • Contributions to two summer schools.