Summer Schools

15th June – 22nd July, 2021: FOMO2021 — Lectures on Matter-Wave Interferometry

8rd – 19th June, 2020: Physics Summer School on Quantum Frontiers
Nordita, Stockholm

23rd March- 3rd April, 2020: 51st IFF Spring School: Quantum Technology
Jülich, Germany

3rd – 6th September: AtomQT training school in Barcelona

30th September – 11th October, 2019
Predoc school on Interaction of light and cold atoms in Les Houches (France), aimed at students starting a PhD in the field, with lectures on:

  • Field quantization, dressed states and cavity QED,
  • Quantum gases and superfluidity,
  • Optical lattices,
  • Laser cooling,
  • Collective phenomena in light-matter interfaces,
  • Dipole – dipole interaction,
  • Interaction and disorder,
  • Applications: from high precision measurements to metrology and
  • Ultracold collisions.

26th – 30th August, 2019
PHOTONICA 2019: 7th International School and Conference on Photonics
Belgrade, Serbia

16th – 20th July 2018
ICAP 2018 Summer School in Barcelona, adressed to PhD students and young researches, with courses on:

  • Atomic quantum gases,
  • Cold molecules and quantum chemistry,
  • AMO Physics and topology,
  • Quantum sensing and metrology,
  • Quantum computing and quantum simulation,
  • Quantum nanophotonics and
  • Strongly correlated quantum systems.

ICAP Summer School 2018

10th – 14th September 2018
FOMO 2018 Summer School in Crete, covering the wider area of matter-wave physics, with courses on:

  • Atom Cooling,
  • Decoherence,
  • Metrology,
  • Non-Linear Matterwaves,
  • Atomtronics,
  • Macroscopic Quantum-Systems and
  • Large Scale Atom Interferometers.

FOMO 2018 Summer School